Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marcel LeJeune's Response To Dawn Eden's Criticism of Christopher West

I'm not sure if you have any familiarity with the issue relating to the criticism of Christopher West, but I percieve this entry on the Aggie Catholic blog by Marcel LeJeune, which was written this past June, engaging one of West's critics, Dawn Eden, a particularly balanced and even-handed treatment so I thought I should share. Mr. LeJuene writes:

"My intent is not to prove Eden wrong nor is it to provide an uncritical defense of Christopher West. Rather, I view it as a corrective as someone who is somewhere in between."

Mr. LeJeune has had correspondence with both West and Eden so I believe that he writes with some authority and that this entry, though long, is very well worth reading.

There are a few interesting comments in the comment box as well.

Here's the link:

A Response To Dawn Eden's Criticism of Christopher West

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