Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Tempera Painting

Here's my first tempera painting and it's preparatory drawing from a few months back. Now I have someone teaching me how to work with tempera, so I'm improving. I am liking tempera painting. Also in the process I am preparing my own wooden panels, which is a satisfying thing to learn. With the painting I'm currently working on I'm preparing my own paint with pigments I buy (with egg tempera it's really easy). I believe it has been valuable for me to learn how to make a painting from "scratch" in this way.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Via Crucis

For our final project of the first year of studies at my school, the students worked on different projects. I was assigned to work with my friend, Fernando, to design and create a stations of the cross, or a via crucis, in terra cotta. I designed several of the stations, helped to build up the figures, worked on the fabric, and did the letters. Fernando designed many of the stations, worked on building up the figures and brought each of the pieces up to a finished state. The stations have now been installed in the new church of Concordia Sulla Secchia, a town in northern Italy that was devastated by an earthquake. To check out some of Fernando's work you can visit his blog.