Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update from Florence

I have only a few minutes to write this but I need to post an update that I am currently in Florence, Italy and will be starting a course on Sacred Art and Craft in a few days.  I came here about week ago to join the selection from which they chose who will be participating in the course, and from which they chose who will recieve a scholarship through the Florence Chamber of Commerce.  I am happy to say that I did receive the scholarhsip (and am much relieved seeing as how I came over here not knowing for sure whether I would get it and be able to participate in the course).  For more information on the program I am involved in, refer to this website.

(Google translate is always helpful if you don't read Italian).

Please pray for me that things continue to work about and also because the course is in Italian, which I have only been studying for a month-- but there are teachers that are native English speakers).  My internet access is limited here but I will update as I am able.

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