Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some sketches from my discernment adventures...

As some of you may know I've been discerning consecrated life for a few years now. Here are some sketches that I have done since this past August on my discernment travels.

First stop: Chicago.

This past August, right before heading off to start the school year, I flew out to Chicago for discernment purposes. The following two drawings are from that trip.

Here is a drawing of Ms. Sullivan, who's part of the family I stayed with while I was in Chicago before heading over to the convent of the the Daughters of St. Paul to end my trip.

Here's a drawing I did of Sr. Anne Flanagan fsp. My first drawing of a sister! You can visit this media nun's blog at:

I did this drawing a few weeks ago while I was at a come and see retreat with the Sisters of Life, who are based out of New York. I forgot this sister's name but she was really cute and really excited about my drawing. She was quite a serious model, she asked another sister to hold up a little crucifix behind my head for her to meditate on (and keep her head still) while I drew her. So here's a woman whose gaze is fixed on Jesus!

Here's a drawing of my friend who is a consecrated virgin of the Archdiocese of New York, who I've been corresponding with to look into that vocation. When I was visiting the Sisters of Life I was able to leave my car at her house and have her drive me the rest of the way and pick me up, and I stayed with her a bit after the retreat. In case you're wondering, she's reading something, thus why her expression is the way it is. I encourage you to check out her very excellent blog where she writes about consecrated virginity at:

Whenever I show someone my sketchbook it's like I'm giving them a peek into my life. Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my discernment via drawings!


  1. Wow, you have such talent!!

    the SV sisters looks a bit like sister Marie Noelle but she seems to be a bit "tallish" to be her.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thanks!

    Do you mean the sister I drew? How does she seem tallish, you can only see her face! She's actually on the shorter side, she is latina and a bit older.


  3. cool drawings, especially of the Daughters of Saint Paul. They are close to my heart. Did you find any Daughters from the Philippines there?

    tnavarro61 of phatmass

  4. Jairus,

    When I went on my first come and see with the Daughters last Advent in Alexandria, VA there was one sister there from the Philippines, Sr. Mary Joane. She's very short and cute, I THINK she is a Junior Professed sister.