Friday, October 1, 2010

Hanging By a Moment

I wanted to share this song by Lifehouse, "Hanging By a Moment". This has been one of my favorite songs for a while now and I feel that it really is relevant to where I am in my life now. These past few years as I try to find God's will for my life, my vocation, more often than I should I find myself being anxious and wanting to know the answer right NOW. I feel that Christ is inviting me at this time to cling to Him, and let Him lead me...into something currently unknown, and to be OK with not knowing exactly how it's going to all turn out. This involves a lot of trust and confidence in God's providential care, which God is inviting me to right now. This song really expresses the freedom of seeking first a relationship with Christ and His Kingdom (as in inviting Him to be Lord and King of our hearts and lives) and trusting that the details will fall into place in God's timing. I sense that Christ is asking me for detachment from my own plans for my life so I could let Him in more, to make some more room for Him to move in me, which is of course WAY easier said than done! Looking back on these past several years it's amazing to see God's hand in the ordering of events in my life and am confident that He is leading me now. I can't say exactly what I'll be doing after college or what specific vocation God is calling me to, (I have it narrowed down though), but I get the sense that God is teaching me to trust Him now in preparation for living out my vocation once I find it (He's got a lot of work to do still on me!). For even after finding my vocation trust and abandonment to God will still be required for me to live it out I am sure. Enjoy the song and consider what God may be speaking to YOU through it.

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