Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kiss Me With Truth

These past few days have been a bit rough for me, due to me not being trusting of who God is as I discern my vocation. You see I'm very much attracted to a particular religious order (the Daughters of St. Paul) to the point I don't feel open to be called anywhere else. As I was researching another order that's on my radar, the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, I came across the story and music of Danielle Rose, a Catholic musical artist who has joined them. I found that prior to entering she recorded her last CD entitled "Pursue Me" about her own journey being called to religious life and knew I had to have it so I bought it right then. If I had not been so impulsive I would have realized that it's free for those discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life...oh well. For more information about the CD and how to get it for free go read the bottom of this article:

If you aren't discerning a religious vocation if you buy it all the proceeds go to support vocations to the priesthood and religious life. After reading some about her from a few different sources I was captivated by the beauty of her life and her relationship with God, also communicated to me through a few of her songs I've listened to online. I was touched by a line in her song "Defining Beauty" after which her debut album is named. Kiss me with truth. These words I felt were spot on with my relationship with God. Whenever I'm not open to Him, it's just because I don't know Him like I should. When this is the case He always draws me to Himself and reminds me of who He is. As I come close to Him I can hear the voice of reason that all He really wants is to fulfill the deepest desires of my heart, so I have no reason to resist Him. I believe God is calling me back to Himself so He can once again kiss me with truth so I can let Him in more. That's what God is like in my experience, He always brings me back through letting me know His goodness through the tenderness of His love revealed to me. Perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18

I'm a sucker for vocation stories, here's Danielle Rose explaining her farewell song, "See You in the Eucharist". She's beautiful.


  1. Hey! Thank you SO much for that link! (I just sent off an e-mail to Sr. Magdalena!) Danielle Rose's "Mysteries" album is one of my all-time favorites, especially the Sorrowful Mysteries.

    I shall pray for clarity in your discernment -- I know it's something I prayed for... a LOT! I also had a really hard time being able to look elsewhere when I had fallen head-over-heels in love with a specific Order. I guess that's when I started begging God for "holy indifference" even though I think deep down I didn't reeeeally want that grace, you know what I mean? :) Good thing God has unlimited patience, right? ;)

    God bless,


  2. :)

    Isn't Danielle Rose amazing? I identify with her songs so much. Thank you for sharing the link on how to get a free CD for discerners and her talking about the Eucharist. I saw your post on phatmass about what you feel called to do with your artwork, that is really beautiful. I feel like in some ways I'm in a similar situation to you - I have always felt called above all else to do environmental education in a Catholic context and I always figured that I must not be called to religious life because mixing the two simply wasn't possible, but just a few months ago I met an order that actually does that! Then in December I very suddenly felt like God is calling me to religious life, so I'm still trying to sort everything out.

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, you're in my prayers!

    Claire (morostheos on phatmass)

  3. i've read her story some months ago and it was so wonderful. take care shana and may God bless you.

    (tnavarro61 of phatmass)

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